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Tommy - Guitar
Nolan - Drums
Dustin - Bass
Daniel - Vocals

Recorded in 2016 by Matthew Tobias - Albuquerque, NM
Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Brigman - Denver, CO
Post Production / Art & Design by Daniel Brigman - Denver, CO


released March 2, 2017



all rights reserved


BATHHOUSE Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: A Long Walk on a Short Pier in Virginia Beach
I dream your sheets soaked in whiskey
I dream your heart in longing of the promise you broke
A promise that could have saved your life

In the burden of a morning light,
and the bottled strength it took to greet it.

The cancered breath to clock in
The cancered breath to clock out
and the cowardice to repeat it.

Virginia Beach has short piers for long walks
Take your affluence and sink with it
Take your righteousness and drown in it
Take your mother-funded privilege and wreck my home
Baby talk her pussy 'neath the sage brush
Bury your dick in the ant hill

The best place for you is the hell out of my sight

Cum guzzle the nectar of perception
think it and be it
always assume, never forget
Track Name: Beltane
White line inhalation
White life source emanating
At least we're talking
Here, where our violence lay and dreams fled
Where suffering is perceived
Our body lay on grass
Our body lay on machine

This pain is mine, it was always ours
Dress it

You'll disease the worms that corrupt your flesh
Idle and eagerly tragic
You march true to grave, true to form

White knuckled into palm
Your pulse in my throat
Your iron tongue, your feather spine
Rot now, rot out, you fucking sickness

I felt a loss and thought of you
Then felt a peace apart from you
Track Name: Guru Fucked Gaze
Can’t shed the slave form that this system breeds
So I crawl the shit miles of in-betweens
Far from your sight to where it leads

Your words encircle my donor heart like wolves

Salt verse of saged earth
Stucco throat

Force fed the halos and fallen stars
of a scorched earth

The teachings you stole, co-opted as your own,
Your guru fucked gaze
Track Name: There is a Policeman Inside Each of Our Heads
Fate’s right hand, loyal
Full on night’s shroud
Purge til drought justly blinds the bed-ridden

Bleed it, drain it
Just to see what’s inside

All I named through your gaze
Cowardly steps of my father’s gait
Sands in the heads of a world at sleep
Running in sleep

Where heroes fail, my bloodline creeps
The yearlings shunned from divinity
Degenerate species
Track Name: Mismating Shots
Exhume a man’s heart who has known compromise
Show me the bride and groom, who’s heart has never lied
Bring me the bones of the one God chose to sacrifice
Bring me the bones of the children you bred to die

This is the sound of our breathing apart from you
This is the prayer of the sons, the sons carved from womb
This is the song of those who never chose to be answered for
I never asked for life, I don’t need you to defend the waste of it

I never chose life, I wish I was never born
Track Name: Housewife / Stay-at-Home Dad
I want to be close to the working girl
Like the cloth, like a clot
I am a piss swallowed drain,
that seat covering stains
I am your minute tremor quake
Watching from inches as you wake

That power suit really suits you
I can explain the noose,
helps me dream of vacation
Your mouth never mutes,
Running faucet to blanket the friction

In this blossomed world,
Inflamed sinking will
constricts all my breath

I want it all taken from me
I never wanted to stomach you