The Life and Times of a Post Masculine World


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Tommy - Guitar
Nolan - Drums
Dustin - Bass
Daniel - Vocals

Recorded in August 2014 by Matthew Tobias - Albuquerque, NM
Mixed & Mastered by Chris Commons - El Paso, TX
Post Production / Art & Design by Daniel Brigman - Santa Fe, NM

Released on cassette 12/12/2015
Limited to 100 Copies
Metallic gold cassettes, hand stamped and numbered
Packaged in plastic case and full color, two-sided j card



released December 12, 2015



all rights reserved


BATHHOUSE Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: Polydeation vs. Serial Monogamy
Wrists nailed, corpse weight and bruised
I’ll carry my cross as I climb another

Torso bloat and sag
with more virility than my cock
You don’t know where it’s been
If only I could remember
or place a name to a face

The tracks that divide and wane
'neath the shit-clung hooves that tramp this city
A nervous system that I can’t navigate or negate

A directionless path to a body
orphaned at birth to swell from a uteral breath
Unfaithful, yet trusted

We’re treading in a river of shame and bliss
Though the crescent is far behind me
The wind still carries her scent of shame and bliss
Prostrated breath that curls above my shoulder
I know what they’re after, shame and bliss
I have known that girl before
Left with not even laughter, just shame and bliss

Just the burdens of the others, the formers
The fucked and erased
The fucked and forgotten
Track Name: Teeth Tracing
Had I sworn the sun like this
Had I known the moon for what she is
We’d still be here dying in innocence
Had I swarmed the sky like this
Had I scorned the moon for who she is
We’d still be here drowning in innocence

But down here, veiled by the weight of you
Down turns your tongue
Down here, veiled by the weight of you
Down goes your eyes
Gaping alight in the visionless

evade, evade

I arrived in loss of creation
tireless to see the break of you
A fame for the quick to dispell,
I was bound heavenless

I will hollow you, nude in their sight
Fucked of all recognition

Crawl into the sun, where I’ll beg you breath for breath
Crawl from the incision I pay rent to fester
Track Name: Chingasos
Forged son’s warning signs, take aim
Mute their words,
force their still hands raised
Sinking will, ashamed of a hate
that can see for miles
I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing here

So far, what part of living
hasn’t been endured?
By concealing my only wish
to get the fuck out of this
Subtle curse, this gentle curse

Reach only to the sky,
just to surrender

Splinter his sheepish crooked spine
Feed them on the shit running down his leg
Run it down their throats

Feed them on their own sin
Track Name: Womban
I drown on rain for the taste
Blamed my body for not surfacing
I cursed my mother for not swallowing,
the seed that led to me
And though, at times I feel alone
I swear, I can smell more coming

Adorned in unblemished skin
Cadaver stained, gesture stained

My eyes roll with the world,
searching for seven friends
To lay my body ‘neath the porcelain
pearly white, white pearly littered streets
And though, I feel alone,
Those mother fuckers are breeding
and I swear, I can smell their kin cumming

Now this world supports you
The enslaved, they feed you
All visions convince - you are the king

You exist of science not God

We are one in the same?
We are one to the flame